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Unfortunately, children, spouses, and caregivers are often forgotten. While one parent is deployed, children, spouses, and caregivers all take on different roles than when the military parent was at home. These roles can be difficult to relinquish or redefine when a parent comes home. The outdoors provides an opportunity for kids to be just kids and for families to reconnect. Children can see in the outdoors that just because Mom or Dad may be missing a hand, Mom or Dad can still be an active participant in their childhood.

Our Recreation Therapy Programs offer unique non-pharmacological approach to managing various components of medical or mental health issues such as PTSD, TBI, behavior management, anger management, pain management, coping and re-adjustment issues, stress management and relaxation, and substance abuse.  Currently our existing programs include

1: Equine Assisted Activities utilizing seven specially trained horses/ horseback riding. 

2: Substance use disorder recovery and relapse prevention program.

3: Boating trips and Sport fishing on our 24-foot pontoon boat.

4: Weekend retreats and camping for veterans, veterans and families, children’s parties.

5: Picnic facilities with BBQ area.

6: Education classes on filing for service connected disability compensation.

7: Sunday morning Cowboy Church.


The veterans multi-purpose center accepts referrals and offers our services to all members of the above national veteran organizations and any individual wishing to enroll. 

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